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UAE Showtimes is a website and an online booking platform which shows the movies currently playing in the cinemas of UAE and their timings, namely vox cinemas, roxy cinemas, novo cinemas, reel cinemas, cineroyal cinemas, oscar cinemas, cinemacity and star cinemas. These are one of the most reliable and interesting cinemas to visit. It also features the viewing of showtimes and ticket prices of the respective showtimes on the same platform. Visit our website to experience the best of vox cinemas, novo cinema and roxy cinemas for you!

When you want to have a good movie time at the cinema and you are in the United Arab Emirates, then the best place for you to go is vox cinemas. Presently there are several reasons why they are the best cinema in all of UAE. One of the reasons is that they have mastered the art and the science of movie fun. They are respected to have the largest cinema property in the world. Moreover, their state of the art facilities is best infused with the latest engineering in cinematic entertainment. To get the best and the most accurate information about the best cinemas, visit UAE Showtimes.